The Most Challenging College Essay Prompts of 2013

Dipper -- I agree you can be taught to think on your feet. However, I don't think this valuable skill is one only an elite can acquire; there's nothing to stop teachers in state schools setting their A level candidates original and challenging essay topics or raising them in class discussion, is there?

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There are going to be times when your teacher, or professor, assigns you a challenging essay topic that is difficult for you to write about. One of the most challenging writing tasks can be to compose an argumentative essay on a controversial topic. This can be increasingly difficult because of the fact that sometimes you will need to argue a side that you do not necessarily stand behind because you are given that subject as a part of your assignment. There are a number of very intricate guidelines that are required when you are composing an argumentative essay. Some of the most important elements of writing an argumentative essay include:

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Essential critical thinking skills developed through seminar debates and challenging essay topics

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