Models of Bibliographical Essays and Reviews of Literature

It is critical that you frame your topic clearly. Make sure that your topic does not become too broad. Unlike bibliographical essays where you summarize and assess the strengths and weaknesses of a given historical work, in an historiographical paper, there is room for you to present your own argument -- do not be afraid of inserting your own voice throughout the paper.

To synthesize Dr. Sheppard's article, the required elements of a bibliographic essay are:

Before planning and writing this essay, it may be helpful to examine models of bibliographical essays and reviews of literature. In addition to doing key word searches for either “bibliographical essay” or “review of literature” in titles of pieces (essays, books, or journals) in your research area, you might look at one or more of the following:

Bibliographical Essay or Review of Literature Assignment

Bibliographical Essay or Review of Literature is due: Monday, May 2

Essay: You will write a 15- to 20-page paper (either a review of literature or a bibliographic essay) that addresses at least 15 sources. (You will undoubtedly find many more sources and may include as many as you wish but be realistic. Ask yourself: how much can I read closely within the time limitations of the semester.)