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On the ABC National’s Australia Talks program, Tim Flannery stated, “Holistic Management is one of the key tools at our disposal” with regard to Climate Change.

In the latest Australian Quarterly Essay, Flannery further elaborates. “Where Holistic Management is practiced increases of up to 3% in soil carbon are being achieved. This happens largely because the soil is protected from erosion and grass cover increases, allowing more root growth”.

Manne, Robert,  Australian Quarterly Essay, issue 1, Melbourne, Schwartz Publishing, 2001.

The growth in the essay field has been remarkable since the middle of the decade (see Figure 1) with, among others, three annual volumes of the best Australian essays, edited by Peter Craven in 1998, 1999 and 2000; Morag Fraser's 'best Antipodean essays' of 1998; Imre Saluzinsky's historical anthology of 1997; collections by individuals including Helen Garner's (1996) and more recently (2001); Les Murray's selected prose (1997); Robert Manne's (1998), Dessaix's (1998), David Malouf's and Inga Clendinnen's Boyer lectures (1998 & 1999); and book-length essays such as Manne's (1996), Ken Wark's (1997), Clendinnen's (1998) and (2000), and Modjeska's (1999). In addition to the books, the published essays and essay-style reviews between 1996 and 2001; publishes a sponsored essay each issue (and has recently become both more literary and more 'essay-ish'); essay-based magazines like are thriving; and earlier this year, Schwartz Publishing launched the first Australian Quarterly Essay with Robert Manne's .

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Grenville, K., ‘History and Fiction’, in Australian Quarterly Essay, no. 25, also available at .

In 2003, Simons returned to Melbourne, where she now lives in the inner suburbs with her husband and two children. In 2004 her essay on the then leader of the Opposition, Mark Latham, was published by Australian Quarterly Essay. In 2005 she was awarded a Doctorate in Creative Arts from the University of Technology, Sydney, and later that year was appointed a senior associate of the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University.