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Please note that all Art History essays should be submitted through the Art History and Theory essay slot outside Room 501 on level 5 of the Karl Popper (History) building.

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Essays are a big part of the student experience; especially the more one continues their education. One particular subject that tends to require a multitude of essays is art history. Thankfully, art history is a vast subject that has many wonderfully interesting topics to write about. The problem for many students, however, is that it is…. Well, history. Therefore, it often seems that there is nothing new to write about for essays and research papers. However, there are many ways to make an art history essay interesting and new. Listed here is several tips and tricks for this very purpose.

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– In Art History essays, there are several forms of evidence you might rely on. First and foremost, there is the . You may also with primary source texts (that is, texts from the same period as the works of art you are discussion). Then, you should read secondary sources (texts written by modern historians) about the works of art, their artists (if known) and their periods. Finally, you can read of the vital themes in the works. This final category is generally not needed for introductory courses, but can be a great help in upper division work.