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The first thing that you have to do before writing an art comparison essay is to research the historical background of the art pieces that you are going to compare in your essay. It is also essential to analyze the artwork very closely to write a good comparison essay. It is best to completely understand the situation in which the art was produced as well as the artist who produced the artwork. After doing this, sorting out the similarities and dissimilarities from each work should be your next step. Before writing the essay, take a piece of paper and write down the similarities and differences of both art pieces.

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Most commonly art written essays address the history of art. The history of art is effectively described by an essay that compares different eras and different themes of those eras. An would take one era or one perspective of art and then describe it in contrast with the others. Art comparison essay would be descriptive in nature and is used for the description of one specific topic of art and they are useful to introduce art to a junior class or semester.

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