Getting Started on the AWA Analysis of an Issue Essay

30 minutes: the length of the new GMAT Integrated Reasoning section.
12 questions make up the new section.
Integrated Reasoning GMAT scores are based on a scale of 1-8, are scored separately on results sheets, and di not form part of the overall score (only the Verbal and Quantitative sections make up the overall GMAT score).
On the new GMAT, Integrated Reasoning has replaced the Analysis of an Issue essay; one of the two essay questions previously required as part of the Analytical Writing Assessment.
The GMAT remains the same overall length: 3.5 hours (see table below).

You will have to 30 minutes to write an analysis of an issue essay when you take the exam.

In analysis of an issue essay questions, you must either agree or disagree with the issue at hand, supporting your argument logically and structuring the essay effectively.

Analysis Of An Issue Essay That Received A 6

Analysis of an issue essay

Effective June 5, 2012, GMAT® has introduced a new section called GMAT Integrated Reasoning section that will replace the Analysis of an Issue essay. The new section will be a 30-minute long addition to the GMAT and will follow the Analytical Writing Assessment. In the next generation GMAT, the Analytical Writing section will feature just one essay -- Analysis of Argument essay - and the Analysis of Issue essay will be removed. In effect, the addition of Integrated Reasoning section will not alter the duration of the GMAT test, which will remain 3 and 1/2 hours, not counting the two "optional" breaks you will receive: one right after the Integrated Reasoning section and the second break after the quantitative section. The new IR section will feature 12 questions of 4 different types and the section will be scored on a scale between 1 and 8, and will feature an on-screen calculator. However, the quantitative reasoning section that will follow the Integrated Reasoning section will not allow you to use a calculator.MLIC GMAT prep courses prepare you with the most comprehensive GMAT preparation in all GMAT assessment areas, including the newly introduced Integrated Reasoning section.