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All most all of us are familiar with these lyrics of the popular song sung by John Paul Young. And it is true that love is all around us in different forms and different levels. When students are assigned with writing a love essay, they may wonder of the appropriateness of this theme in academic curriculum. However, love is a universal emotion and the very fabric which keeps the society woven together. Therefore, if one looks at love in a higher level perspective than the simple lustful connotations, then there is a high appropriateness to include an essay on love within assignments.

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contributes to a Valentine’s Day-themed issue with an essay on love in a time of boundaries, concerning which, Myles reminds us: “The whole boundary thing which is all over the culture now at the time seemed pretty new and also pretty lesbian. We are always at the vanguard of relational concepts. You must know that politically correct is ours, uttered by lesbians long before anybody else and it meant people against say perfume in public spaces and boundaries were also like that. We got there first.” More, from the top:

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An Essay on Love

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