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[2] A confused story ('If you're looking for a smooth clean linear analysis ... look someplace else')? Superficial? Not very innovative despite Miller's own opinion about this ('This essay will engage in radically different perspectives on the reality we all live in')? Of course, there is a lot to be said against Miller. For me, however, he serves primarily as an illustration. An illustration of someone who uses post-structuralistic views, Derridean language and analyses in trying to make clear his idea on how present-day disjunctions in reality and in identity have had their predecessor in artistic developments. For Miller, philosophy, art, and modern technology are three equal domains through which the world in which we live can be analyzed. He places the thoughts of jazz musician Charles Mingus next to those of Freud, the poetry of Phillis Wheatly ('One of the first African Americans to write a book') next to a quote from Derrida's , a Richard Wright haiku next to a discussion on Hegel's thesis about the end of art. (Could we compare this to Derrida's in which he juxtaposes the philosophy of Hegel and the literature of Jean Genet and where he questions philosophical notions of how knowledge should be passed down through rigidly controlled channels?) 'Uncanny/Unwoven Notes towards a New Conceptual Art' can be regarded as an example of different cultural utterances (different levels?) interacting with one another, assuming different meanings when recontextualized, as they say in the DJ world, 'in the mix'. The ideas of Derrida and others are used (misused?), borrowed, grafted and (thereby) transformed and disseminated. Iterability. . Although music is mentioned, it is neither an essay about music, nor an essay about deconstruction in music. However, let's say in a Deleuzean way, there are many 'lines of flight' or 'rhizomatic structures' (and this page is one of them) that connect Miller's writing to (his) music, Derrida and deconstruction. Lines of flight: the movements by which 'one' leaves the territory and makes new connections, differential relations internal to deterritorialization itself.

Poets Off Poetry: a poet writes an essay about music and supplies a corresponding poem

This guide is aimed at pre-university level students. If you are a 16-18 year old writing an extended essay about music then this guide is suitable for you. I have assumed you are writing an essay of 3000-5000 words.

Choosing a Topic for an Essay about Music: Some Useful Ideas

I've written an essay about music and forgetting, and my father's Alzheimer's

This guide is about writing an essay about music. It is not a general guide to essay writing, though students writing about other subjects may find it of use. Quite a lot of this guide is devoted to how to design a good question. This is because a good question is absolutely essential if you are to score good marks for your essay. The main cause of an essay losing marks is a badly-designed question. If you get the question right you have a very good chance of writing a high-scoring extended essay.