P.S.: I did get a 12 on my second ACT essay.

Thank you, Matthew, for one of the clearest descriptions of the changes to the ACT writing section I’ve read. The example you gave was very clarifying and the suggestions you offer about how to improve your score are very helpful. I have to say (as an educational consultant who works with college-bound students) the amount of analysis, planning, and writing required seems daunting. Do you think this essay question format is considerably more challenging than the previous ACT essay format? Than the new SAT essay format?

so, what examples do you guys use for the act essay? are your strategies different from the sat?

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I prefer the ACT essay over the SAT essay.

The ACT Essay section can be worth the extra 40 minutes for a number of college applicants

The second paragraph of the prompt—the part that begins "In your essay, take a position on this question"—will be the same in every single ACT essay. Sweet! The first thing you should do is pick a side, any side. You can take one of the two positions mentioned in the prompt (school uniforms: yay!, or school uniforms: boo!). In rare instances, you can present a third option to the debate, but we will discuss this later.