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A narrative essay is based on personal experiences and it often forms a story. Using this type of writing style, the writer must include all the steps necessary for storytelling, which includes a plot, the character, the setting, the climax, and the conclusion. It is usually has details that are selected to explain, support, or broaden the story. All of the details in the essay must relate back to the main point in the opening sentence.

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Writing a narrative essay can be fun, yet many writers tend to over-think the task. The first thing we need to know is what is a narrative essay? A narrative essay is a “story” about an event in your life or the life of someone you know. When beginning the narrative you will need to make sure you have chosen an interesting topic, making the reader want to finish reading the story. Once you have the idea you will then need to outline the essay. The outline will help you put your thoughts in order to ensure a well written piece of writing. While outlining the essay make sure to add as many details as possible. The more details a narrative contains the better the reader will understand the event being written about. To see what makes a good narrative essay topic read further.

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