Three gold rules for writing a good definition essay

The outline with the facts of the topic should roughly follow the parts of the essay. After the thesis statement, there is the body of the essay that gives basic information about the topic with examples to support the information. Contrasting ideas can also be included, depending on how the subject is to be defined. Finally, after the body of the essay, is the conclusion. In the conclusion, the topic and succinct definition is restated along with the key points of the body. A basic definition essay will have at least five paragraphs. The introduction and conclusion will be one paragraph each and the body should have three paragraphs, each covering a different aspect of the topic or a different form of definition.

To write a definition essay, you’ll need to define a word that:

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Let me say that again: a definition essay uses .

The main distinctive features of definition essay are as follows:

A definition essay is a straightforward essay where the writer takes a word or concept and provides a detailed definition and meaning of it. But, a definition essay does not have to be about defining a single word, it can also be about a concept or phrase. A general topic can be chosen for a definition essay. A good topic for a definition essay is the one which has a concept that is broad and has different meanings. When the topic has different definitions to conflict with each other then it will give you something significant to discuss. You have to ensure that the meaning is discussed fairly from all side. You can support a particular meaning and provide arguments to support your thesis, but you have to also respect other’s viewpoints. You must not pick a topic which has a strong opinion on one thing that you cannot see the other side. The following are 5 winning topics for definition essays.