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Assignment: 4-6 page essay (double-spaced, standard font size, MLA format for all citations). Pursue a deliberate, critical reading of a passage from Thoreau’s Walden. The passage should be one that is of interest to you and that you feel is of importance to the meaning (or agenda or project or experiment) of Thoreau’s thinking and writing in the larger text; the passage could range from one paragraph to up to 2 pages. What is the particular significance of this passage and the larger meaning it contributes to or demonstrates? What words and images and ideas in the passage suggest that? The point is to read Thoreau and this passage as deliberately as it was written; to read and listen carefully and report what you hear and see in Thoreau by looking closely and reading slowly. What is deliberate in the writing and language, in other words, the poetics of this passage that is of significance, as you read it? What does a close, deliberate reading of Thoreau’s writing reveal about his environmental or ecological project that some might miss if they read his work too quickly? Three guidelines to follow:

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George Gershwin -- In His Own Write : A 6 page creative essay on Gershwin’s life in musical theater, told creatively from . Two books are cited as references.

A 6 page essay examining the roles of the priest in the ..

A 4-6 page essay about the historical development of religious tolerance