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All students at CMS rotate through the computer lab each year. Blackboard is the class management program used to organize the requirements for each grade. Keyboarding practice is required for 20 minutes everyday. Students in each grade study Microsoft applications by completing online tutorial assignments. Each grade completes two technology integration assignments for core classes.
The 6th grade students concentrate on keyboarding, Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint and Internet safety. They use Microsoft Word to complete a writing process assignment for their language arts class. PowerPoint is used to create a presentation for social studies. The Internet safety unit starts with material presented through the I-Safe or the State of Michigan Cyber Safety Initiative (CSI). The students use the writing process to complete an essay. The student further demonstrates their ability in using word processing by applying a required list of formatting skills to their essay.

The 7th grade students concentrate on keyboarding, Microsoft Exce l, Microsoft Publisher and Internet safety. They use Excel for their science weather assignment. They collect data, create a graph and write a compare and contrast statement about the data they have collected. Microsoft Publisher is used to create a travel brochure for a country they are studying in World Studies. A rubric is provided for the design of the brochure. The Internet safety project involves using I-Safe or the State of Michigan CSI material to help choose a topic for an essay. Microsoft Word is used to create a graphic organizer and to write a 450 word essay.

The 8th grade students concentrate on keyboarding, Excel, Podcasting and Internet safety. The 8th grade goal for keyboarding is 40 words per minute. Excel is used to complete the science assignment on minerals. Students collect the required data about 10 minerals; on separate sheet tabs they sort or filter as required by their assignment. The social studies assignment requires that the students work alone or with a partner to record a three-minute segment of historical material as a podcast. The students’ podcast topic is chosen from areas they are studying in their U. S. History class. They use Audacity to record their voice for the podcast. The Internet safety assignment starts with the students researching for a topic through the I-Safe website or they can use material from the State of Michigan Cyber Safety Initiative (CSI). The students are required to make a graphic organizer before writing the required 550 word essay. The students must also demonstrate 15 word processing skills found in the ribbon of Word 2007.

 Scholarships will be awarded based on a 450 to 550 word essay addressing the following question:

Applicants are required to write a 550 word essay (max word count), as well as fill out a general application. Eligibility requirements for a general Mensa Foundation scholarship or a GCM sponsored scholarship are the same and include legal U.S. residency and enrollment at an accredited U.S. institution of post-secondary education for the 2016-2017 academic year. To qualify for the Gulf Coast Mensa local scholarships, you (or your parents, if you are a student) must have a ZIP code that is within our geographical area. Applicants do not have to be a member of Mensa to apply – everyone is welcome.

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Do not have to be a member of MENSA. A variety of scholarships are available. Complete application and a 550 word essay.